VarujThose living in concrete jungles are always fascinated by mountain ranges like Karavanke. But unfortunately people are continuing changing the most preserved parts of nature. Due to the ever-growing noise of car traffic and “technical” sports, the delicate mountain ecosystem is being faced by a series of environmental problems.
In leaving our car in the valley and heading towards our destination on foot, we add a new quality to our mountain visit. Motor sport and iron steed fans, on the other side, should respect countryside driving limits.
As visitors, we should be aware that we enter the living space of many Alpine plant and animal species. Since we love to meet and observe these wonderful creatures and plants every time we go to the mountains, we have to respect the following rules:

  • We should take marked and regularly used routes, avoiding disturbing mountain inhabitants.
  • We are not allowed to pick flowers, take a photo instead.
  • We should keep a low profile. Noise, shouting and music disturb animals when they want to nourish or rest. Animals are especially irritated by noise during the mating and winter season and when they raise their offspring.
  • Mountains are not rubbish dumps. We must not leave anything behind.

Nature is beautiful and should be preserved for the generations to come.

More information about protected areas, Natura 2000 sites and natural heritage of the Karavanke is available in Slovene and German language.